Jut Land Development


Taipei, Taiwan

Oyler Wu Collaborative


This residential project located in Taipei Taiwan, adjacent to a main street and elevated bridge. Visitors see and approach the building form different height and speed. Lighting shapes this building with spatial identity and helps to clarify the direction for visitors. Building exterior is composed of fritted glass and metal mesh, by differing geometries to run along the façade, creates a dramatic stream on the façade. We choose playing with color temperature, the basic element of lights to give the various expression of the building. Façade lighting changes color temperature from cool white to warm white as well as dims down brightness and fade out in 3 hours after dusk. Lights and shadows represent the changing of time and link to resident’s daily life. The appearance of city nighttime is been considering not only visual memory but also process of human perception. We expect artificial illumination quietly appear and perfectly blend into surrounding environment.