Beyond the light, we see shadow.
The essence of light is often displayed by the presence of darkness. We believe darkness has as much power as light.
CLDC was founded on the belief that lighting has the power to transform lives, culture and society. We create the value of darkness to meet functional, economic, emotional and aesthetic performances. At CLDC, we are committed to originality and holistic thinking; strive to enhance our lighting environment with visual and perception compatibility and environmental harmonisation.



CLDC listens to clients' needs and expectations, seeks individuality within each project and responds to spatial, cultural and historical context of every field. We explore how our design opportunities relate to every individual project and specialize in customized lighting solutions. We strive to allow every project having its own unique set of characters and provide value to the surrounding environment.
Our team has diverse experience in lighting, architecture, interior design and theatrical lighting design. Through similarity to contrast: darkness to brightness, we specialize in lighting aesthetics, we perceive light with unique insight on the shades, texture and layers. We work closely with architect, artist, other design professions, and end users to effectively integrate all design elements and achieving a thoughtful, environmentally friendly and sustainable lighting solutions. We aim to offer the creativity to a discipline that bridges art and science.

People oriented
Starting from human scale, we design for people. We emphasis on user experience and prioritise the human element in our design. We bring out characters of a space to meet the human needs of functionality and lighting comfortability and provide a pleasant visual experience form different viewing positions.
Lighting control and Zoning
"The more light the better"– this concept no longer decides the light level and outcome. We determine how a space will be used to be project specific and integrated intelligent lighting fixture and control system. Not only for creating moods, through an intelligent and adequate use of lighting technology, we delivery light to where it's needed and when it's needed. This is achieved by a balanced control strategy and effective zoning that adjusts light levels to match changing demands, moreover deliver flexibility, enhance visual performance, reduce running costs and environmental footprint.
Light and Darkness contrast
Light has scale and we deal with shadow, texture, form and proportion. We balance contrast between light and darkness to shape the built environment. No matter how simple or complex our challenge may be, working through these elements we create visual focus and offer a creative, safe and enjoyable lighting. We bring together  interesting space elements that allow people joyfully interact with the environment.